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Our story...

Kombucha lover, alchemist and brewmaster, Jo Hopkins, co-founded and managed one of Europe’s first commercial kombucha breweries from 2014 to 2017.  

In 2018, seeking warmer climes and following in the footsteps of his pioneering hippy parents, Jo emigrated and settled in a cosy coastal village in beautiful North Goa. By no means ready to drop the kombucha gauntlet and with the good fortune to now have access to some of the countries top tea gardens, a plan was set in motion to bring world class kombucha to India.  

Since launch in 2019, Jo and the team have poured everything into developing their product range and are lucky to have a number of teas grown to their unique specifications by some of the country's most respected tea experts.

Simple and alchemical, consisting of only 4 ingredients - tea, sugar, water and kombucha culture; Booch delivers a quality and complexity that is rare amongst non-alcoholic beverages. In essence - so unique, it seems only apt to name our flavours after life's precious treasures.

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